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Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Consulting

\With over 25 years of experience in CRA compliance program management, we can help institutions of any size to maximize resources for optimal performance. This includes CRA data integrity management, performance analysis and reporting; identifying and documenting compliance with the large bank CRA Lending, Service and Investments Test requirements; and supplementing your institution’s internal audit function by conducting pre-examination analysis of bank performance and directing activities to targeted performance gaps.

CRA Program Enhancements


For institutions of any size, we can provide one or more of the following services to help you optimize results:

  • CRA Examination Management
  • CRA Performance Analysis 
  • CRA Data Integrity Process Review
  • Community Development Activities
  • CRA Training 

Click here for more information on our CRA programs and trainings.

CRA Transitions


Is your institution short on time and resources to effectively manage your CRA program?  We can provide the support you need to achieve your CRA performance targets.  

CRA Transitions

We provide efficient outsourced options as you manage through your CRA program transitions.

Click here for more information on our CRA programs and trainings.

Audit & Consulting Teams


CRA and Compliance Audits

Do you have consulting or audit engagements that include CRA? Supplement your audit and/or consulting teams with dedicated and proven CRA expertise.


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